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At True Canine International, we pride ourselves on offering quality training that focuses on the needs of both the handler and the canine. We not only train the canine, but we also teach the handler how to ensure that their canine is most efficient. Our method of training focuses on communication, aggression, obedience, and the overall wellbeing of the canine.


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Communication is the key factor in any K9/handler relationship.  At True Canine International, we place a strong emphasis on communication. Our goal is to establish natural communication between the K9 and handler that is sustainable in any situation.   It’s imperative that the K9 learns these techniques at a young age, that is why we begin training them at just six weeks old.


Aggression is what ensures that your K9 will attack a suspect when needed. While many trainers work to stifle aggression, we teach K9s how to properly channel the aggression. This is where communication comes into play.  Even though finding a strong dog is not an issue, the performance on the street is defined by the ability to communicate our needs. Proper communication training ensures that the K9  knows exactly what is expected of him, the moment he is released – whether that be pursuing a suspect or  calmly sitting  with children at a PR event.


Teaching the K9 to channel his aggression is partnered with teaching obedience. The K9 must understand and adhere to the requests of his handler. This is done by understanding the nature of the K9 and communicating to him on his level.


At True Canine International, we demystify the so-called secrets of the trade by providing logical instruction that provides consistent results. This is possible because we have researched the dog and human to create optimum training and excellent results.


Our training methods originated in Czech Republic many years ago and have been proven to be highly effective. The experience of our trainers, paired with our handler training methods, make us a one-of-a-kind professional training organization that is highly sought-after throughout the world.

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